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Thomas Enright, Jr
First Assistant to the Treasurer
(225) 342-0040
Desie Thymes Mack
Confidential Assistant to the Treasurer
(225) 342-0016
Renee Roberie
Deputy State Treasurer
Lela M. Folse
Director of State Bond Commission
(225) 342-0040
Sarah Mulhearn
Communications Director
(225) 342-0012
Kathleen Lobell
Director of Unclaimed Property Division
John Broussard
Chief Investment Officer
(225) 342-0013

 Management Resource Staff

Lynette Mack
Human Resources Director
(225) 342-0030
Donnie Ladatto
Internal Auditor
(225) 342-0938
Aisha Mirza
(225) 342-4609
Sharon Calcote
Policy and Research Director
(225) 342-0006
Layne Harriman
I.T. Technical Software Support Specialist
(225) 219-3726
Benjamin Morton
I.T. Director
(225) 342-0239
Beth Morton
Administrative Assistant 6
(225) 342-0055
Victoria Williams
Procurement Manager
(225) 342-6013
Jasmine Tricou
Administrative Assistant 6
(225) 342-1032
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