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Office of State Depository Control - Fiscal Control
The Fiscal Division administers the state's constitutional and statutory funds created within the state treasury. Administration includes providing an accounting of all receipts and controlling fund disbursements out of the state treasury.

The Fiscal Division also administers the back bone of the state's cash management program. This entails accounting for a massive central depository bank account which pools state cash resources to provide the opportunity for the greatest investment earnings - a major source of non-tax income.

In turn, as the state treasury invests those deposits, the Fiscal Division provides an accounting for the state's investment portfolios which average over $7.4 billion in assets.

In numerical terms, the state treasury receives over 73,000 deposits per year which is comprised of over 4.9 million deposit items. In turn state treasury disburses over 516,000 checks to pay the vendors, contractors and others who do business with the state.

Additionally, the Fiscal Division distributes over $250 million of state funds to various local governments for payrolls, operating supplies and acquisitions.

These are exciting times with the explosion of e-commerce as a preferred method of doing business and the Fiscal Division of the State Treasury is working to ensure Louisiana stays in the forefront.

Laura Lapeze
        Chief Financial Officer
        (225) 342-0051


Gary Hall

        (225) 342-0051


DonNiqua Misher
        Administrative Assistant


Charlotte Jones

        (225) 342-3359

Audit and Compliance Unit
Kenneth Comeaux, Manager
(225) 342-3603
Banking and Cash Management Control Division
Brent Manuel, Manager
(225) 342-0049
Ashley Comeaux
(225) 342-0054
Janice Ragusa
(225) 342-0052
Paula Nelson
(225) 342-0059
Rachelle Craig
(225) 342-0056
Mark Willie
(225) 342-4113
JaRae Frazier
(225) 342-0047
Fund Control and Local Govt. Fund Mgmt. Division
Mary Kathryn Drago, Manager
(225) 342-0011
Nicole Brown
(225) 342-0060
Nicholas Boudreaux
(225) 342-3553

Amanda Zuniga
(225) 219-0396

Julie Magee
(225) 342-0698

Office Operations
Denise Chandler
       (225) 342-0053
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